Film director, writer and editor Elizabeth Pitkin tells stories and aspires to evoke feeling and response through the medium of film. Elizabeth is an up and coming young filmmaker and key player in the evolving landscape of visual art in the digital era. She is currently living in London and studying Directing Commercials at the National Film and Television School. Over the years, Elizabeth's abilities have improved in both the practical 'hands on' filmmaking as well as developing her own unique style. She has experience in the many sides of filmmaking from working with professional production companies, producing her own short films and working with other creative filmmakers. 

Elizabeth wrote, produced and edited her own first film at the age of 16 and again at 19, she has been complimented for her skills in communicating her vision to cast and crew whilst remaining a calm and productive leader. She aims to work in many areas of filmmaking such as commercials, branding/PR campaign videos, music videos and narrative film. Elizabeth is driven by her larger ambition to play a part in revolutionising the industry to become more conscious, empathic and increase female representation.

Elizabeth Pitkin