Family Business



This plot features around a small, suburban middle class family consisting of four self-absorbed people that co-exist within one household. The film takes place on the morning they assemble around their kitchen table for breakfast, when the conversation of the murdered lodger comes up and they begin to solve which one of them is responsible. 

"Very witty,  the script was unbeatable!"

"Great director to work with" 

"...Next stop Cannes Film Festival, excellent!"

"Genuinely better than some stuff on the television today, great little film!"

"..all put together really well and the music was brilliant! Really made me smile."

This was the first film that Elizabeth wrote and directed when she was 16 years old. She produced this film via crowd funder at 15 years old. It was just a 3-man crew (including Elizabeth), friends as actors and a great atmosphere on set. 

Enjoy the film!